BSH Backed by Top Fortune 500 Companies

BSH Advantages


The Buffett Senior Healthcare Fortune 500 Company Distribution Partnerships

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it" 
- H.E. Luccock

"A championship team is a team of champions." 
- The Buffett Senior Healthcare® maxim


Our organization is a championship team because it is supported by a team of champions. BSH is backed by the wealth of $120,000,000,000 (billion) Fortune 500 companies, in which we have contractual agreements.

We have engaged in these agreements to grow their product distributions starting with our nationwide marketing of their Medicare supplemental benefit products. With focus on the senior citizen population, BSH is targeting the heavily growing baby-boomer market. This market is literally increasing in numbers by over 11,000 (eleven-thousand) new seniors every day! Thus, it is of no surprise that in just the short time since BSH was founded, we are already among the very highest producing senior marketing firms in the nation, well above forecasted expectations. 

The following paragraph is important, as it will further be discussed in detail if a candidate for hire is qualified for a personal one-on-one 2nd interview with us:

We will not let our investors down by hiring the wrong candidates for success with us, as it literally costs BSH over $10,000 (ten-thousand) to advertise, conduct the interview process, hire the right person for each position, provide them all supplies, classroom and field training, company-certify, pay expenses for each new hire carriers' production licenses, and technology support through this process. Lastly, the most costly expense to BSH for each associate new hire is the development and continual cultivation of each new hire's exclusive sales territory before our organization sees any return on our initial investment in them. Therefore, we must reserve each position with Buffett Senior Healthcare® for only the highest motivated and most determined individuals in the workforce. Those that truly desire a real career opportunity where there are no limits as to how high they can fly. Individuals we hire must be able to hold themself accountable to their own efforts and performance bringing them success or failure. Failure with us is avoided by following the proven BSH sales system. Aside from the initial four-weeks of base pay, there will be weeks when you make thousands of dollars in sales and week's where it seems you paid to go to work. Perseverance is the key ingredient that a candidate for hire must possess to be considered for a position with us. No quitters allowed! Failure is not an option, period.


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