Can I talk to someone in the field?


Can I talk to someone in the field that works my state?

YES, absolutely!!! We encourage all interviewees to talk to other field producers. If qualified for a 2nd personal one-on-one interview with a manager over your state, then that is the time to make that request!

You may also click the following link, TALK TO A BSH FIELD PRODUCER, and send a message request to talk to a field producer (for your own protection do NOT put your phone number or email address in your text message since it is a public site) and give your name, city, and state. Expect a private (hidden from public) reply back to you within 3-5 business days from a producer(s) closest to your area providing you their phone number and/or email address for you to contact them directly. They will do their best to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have.

Any detailed questions that are not already answered throughout this website will be explained in full if you qualify for a 2nd personal one-on-one interview with a Manager over your state.

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Can I talk to someone in the field?

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