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Simply put, travel for newer associates is based on how quickly they accepted and assumed their offered position, where they live, their level of sales volume once in the field, and their overall tenure on staff. All preset appointments are set in/around the same general vicinity of each associate's territory every week and all associates are eligible for up to $500.00 per week Expense Reimbursement Pay

If an associate is offered an exclusive territory that is within a commutable distance to their home, it is important to understand that BSH can only hold that territory for them for so long. BSH is growing fast and is under contract to expand our carriers' product distribution across the entire United States. Furthermore, to keep up with the heavy demand for our products and services from the continually growing senior market, BSH is in the process of quickly filling positions in all available territories. Therefore, newly hired associates must be given deadlines to pass their licensing test, complete their initial new associate training, and assume their position. Should a new hire not meet his/her given deadlines by the manager over their state, then the next qualified applicant for the position desiring that territory will be granted it. That does not mean the original hired associate will lose the position offered to them with BSH. Rather, this means he/she may not have an exclusive territory that is 100% commutable to their home year-around.

It is important to understand, generally-speaking, the rule in regards to where our appointments are set is as follows: The more rural the appointments, the higher sales volume an associate will make. This is true for several reasons. One, rural areas have a higher need because there is less product availability. Two, rural prospects are often times more open to listen and trust the benefits we offer them due to being less wary of being taken advantage of by the unethical sales practices of other organizations (be it in our industry or other industries), which unfortunately is much more commonplace in urban areas. Three, there is far less competition in rural areas, thus making sales is easier. Four, urban areas have a large socio economic variance meaning that appointments are often times more difficult for a newer associate to sell, as they will run up against many different sorts of customer circumstances, of which they are not yet accustomed to handling regularly. Five, the cost of healthcare in rural areas is usually markedly less expensive, meaning the cost of our products are typically much more affordable. This means easier sales and less buyer remorse cancellations for obvious reasons. These basic reasons (among others) is why BSH will usually start a new associate that lives in a metropolitan area on appointments beginning two counties and continuing beyond, outside of the urban population. In summary, the more urban area an associate lives, the greater likelihood a newer associate may have to work part of their time on preset appointments in areas of their territory that could involve travel beyond a 90-mile radius and potentially into overnight travel during their initial Learning Curve phase.

After a new associate has overcome their Learning Curve (30 - 90 days), they are given the option to select which part of their exclusive territory they wish to work each week/month. At this point, some associates elect to work closer to their home to reduce any possibility of overnight travel or long-distance commutes. Now, having become well-experienced with their products and how to properly secure a high-volume of weekly/monthly sales, they are able to handle many of the more difficult sales circumstances involved with working urban areas. On the other hand, many associates elect to remain or return to the rural areas of the territory and accept the travel in exchange for the higher level of sales and income. At this point, it is a matter of preference, as long as that associate is maintaining a level of production to keep them on preset appointments (refer to the "First-Year Average BSH Associate Incomes" section of this website for more details).


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