Do I have to be licensed?



Do I have to be licensed?

By State and Federal law, in order to sell our core products, an individual must acquire their resident state's general Life & Health insurance license. In the vast majority of states, exam preparation can all be done online from the comfort of your home. If you read the "Advantages" section of this website, then you should already have a general understanding of the support team that BSH employs to help all new hires get through this process as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 


As this website has stated numerous times, to be successful with us means you must be perseverant, driven, and determined. These individuals are those that immediately upon being hired by BSH contact our Licensing Support team, whose job is to help all new hires make arrangements for them to take the best online licensing preparatory course in your state.

Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. is contracted in most states with many online licensing training companies that have custom-developed their software specifically for BSH. These online courses are designed for BSH new hires to best prepare them to pass their examination the fastest and most efficient way possible. Furthermore, they provide this to our new hires at a lower cost than if an individual were not affiliated with our organization.


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Do I have to be licensed?

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