How long until I can retire from BSH with six-figure residuals?


If hired, how long until I can retire and be financially secure?

In the BSH Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division, working only as a full-time base level field producer for 5 years, it is virtually impossible for an individual not to be earning well over $100,000 per year SOLELY in residual income should that person decide to retire from BSH and enjoy the fruits of their hard-earned labor. The most exciting aspect of residual income in our division of BSH is that these residuals can literally continue earning at this level for years after retirement before they begin to slowly decrease as their policyholders reach mortality. We take the residual income benefit of working with Buffett Senior Healthcare® very serious, as it is the core foundation of our short & long term financial security.

The catch is, are you the right person for a position with us? Are we a fit for success together? After all, aren't we both wondering, "Are you for real?". See, that is why we have the in-depth interview process we do. It is for our best interest the same as it is for your best interest. We will only hire the right person (assuming they are being honest during their interview process) and, if offered, we trust only the right person would accept a position with us. That is furthermore evident in the requirement we have in place that even if you were offered a position with us, we will not allow you to accept the position for 24 hours. Unlike most, "insurance salesperson interviews", our interview style is to focus more on the downsides versus the "blue sky" and if you make it that far in the process, then you will know why. You may not like what you hear, but at least you will get the truth (although many seem to have selective hearing!).

As is hopefully by now painfully redundant for you to read... this is explained in full detail if granted the opportunity for a 2nd personal one-on-one interview with a manager over your state. You will then be given the passcode(s) to access the "FULL Income Breakdown" on the top right side of this site. At that time, together, you and your state's hiring manager will go through that breakdown. By then, you will have a vivid understanding of exactly how residual income with BSH works and why it is the #1 reason we have virtually no turnover after the 3rd month on staff with us.

However, for the time being, the easiest thing you could do is go back to the "Advantages" tab and click on BSH Associate Renewal / Residual Income (#8). Then, with a calculator in hand, read the section of this page in blue font and following the example given, start doing the math after the 10th month and continue 36th month all the way to the 60th month (remember, that example is assuming that you do not get ANY better after your 3rd month on staff!). Enjoy.


All Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. positions in this division are reserved for ONLY THE RIGHT PERSON! 

Anyone can get a contract with us, VERY, VERY few get the position this site is describing to include the preset appointments, the training, continual training, support, advancement opportunities, high-high volume of sales, Exclusive Territories, etc... 

The particular BSH Division position about which this website is describing is NOT for most people and certainly only offered to the very few. 

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How long until I can retire from BSH with six-figure residuals?


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