How long until I can start making money?


If hired, how long until I can start making money?

For this Division of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp., it is imperative that you read this website in its entirety to avoid the phenomenon of "selective reading", thus leading to confusion regarding the requirements of the position. Doing this will make your interview process much more meaningful to you, as not doing this will likely disqualify you from being offered a position.  


"The most delightful surprise in life is to suddenly recognize your own worth."

– Maxwell Maltz

The majority of new hires with Buffett Senior Healthcare® that have the shortest Learning Curve and quickly become among the highest sales producers are those that pass their state examination and are ready to start their initial BSH classroom and field training in two weeks or less. There is no mystery as to why. Obviously, these individuals are highly driven and are exceedingly motivated to secure their position with us. There is no wonder why they surpass their initial learning curve the fastest and make far more sales quicker than those that procrastinate. If hired for a position with us, to secure an exclusive sales territory will require that you have become licensed by a given deadline. This is determined by the remaining available positions in an area, as well as the number of other candidates in line that desire the same exclusive territory.

This is further explained in detail if qualified for a 2nd interview with BSH.

As already stated previously on this website, a new hire cannot make sales with BSH until they are licensed. Thus, the answer to this question is a new hire cannot start making money until he/she is licensed.

For more information, refer back to the "Advantages" section of this website.


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