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How does BSH make its preset appointments?

If you are asking yourself how BSH makes its appointments, then you have obviously not read this entire website or even a fraction of it, as it has been explained multiple times on this website. If this is you, do NOT bother applying for a position, as you will immediately be turned down. To avoid this, go back to the start of this website and this time FULLY read 100% of the Home page, About Us page, and each of the 9 Advantages of BSH. By following this instruction, you will see this question is already answered multiple times.

Obviously, we understand you may have more detailed questions. These will all be answered in full detail if you qualify for a 2nd personal one-on-one interview with a Manager over your state.


NOTE: BSH preset appointments are pre-SET, not pre-SOLD! In addition to our preset appointments, all associates are provided with warm leads to run before their first appointment, in-between appointments, and/or after their last appointment. These are given to associates so that in the event they do not make their sales goals running their appointments alone, then they have an abundant number of leads they can also run to help get them to their desired level of daily/weekly sales volume. These warm leads are usually prospects that for whatever reason could not commit to a given appointment time the following day, but are interested in our services. 

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