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Sales with BSH are Unaffected by the Economy


For this Division of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp., it is imperative that you read this website in its entirety to avoid the phenomenon of "selective reading", thus leading to confusion regarding the requirements of the position. Doing this will make your interview process much more meaningful to you, as not doing this will likely disqualify you from being offered a position.

Buffett Senior Healthcare, Corp. (BSH) specializes in Medicare Supplemental healthcare sales to the fastest growing market in the United States, the baby boomers. This market is growing at a rate of more than 11,000 new seniors a day! All seniors upon turning the age of 65 have a tremendous need for some form of our product. Our seniors simply cannot afford to be without our product. As a result, the demand for our services is continuing to rise higher and greater simply by the growth of the senior market each day.

Best of all, BSH only sells the very best of the best. We know that demand is only on the rise and we want to provide our seniors with products and services that both our sales associates can be proud of, but also our clients. We are filling all positions quickly to stay on top of this demand. Translating our vision into reality, we are giving those selected to join our organization more than all of our competitors. BSH is acting now to ensure we are the strongest marketing firm in our industry.

Regardless of what happens to the economy, the heavily increasing demand for our products and services is causing our sales volume to skyrocket when seemingly all other sales organizations are struggling. Rather than growing and expanding, they are shrinking and paying less. On the contrary, not only are we growing at an unbelievable rate, but we are also paying more to our sales associates. 


Our clients need our help and we need the right people to fill our rapidly expanding organization, Nationwide! That is a real positive considering the current economic condition of America. No matter what happens, our clients will always need our product and being retired, they will always have retirement income such as their social security.

The future of Buffett Senior Healthcare® is destined for continued success, growth, expansion, 
and new abundant opportunities!

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