BCM (Amarillo, TX)

“…suck up your ego, forget whatever you think you know, and accept that your way will not work with BSH or else we would be doing it that way.”

Name:BCM (Amarillo, TX)
Marital Status:Married
Education:High School
Tenure with BSH:January 2013
Current Position: Regional Field Trainer & Team Leader
What was your previous occupation prior to becoming a part of Buffett Senior Healthcare (college acceptable)?I assisted in the operation of a music store for almost 10 years. The economy caused the demise of the business and I sought to find a career that would not be susceptible to the same.
Why did you choose a career with BSH?I decided that I wanted to be in a career where I could only hold one person responsible for my success or failure, myself. From a very young age I found I had a very strong entrepreneurial spirit. I needed to be able to prove myself based upon my ideas and skills, not whether or not the boss found favor with me. When I discovered this opportunity I turned to a good friend who has been working in the insurance industry for over 15 years. I knew that I could trust him to give me solid advice and to let me know both the good and ugly side of the business. I knew that this industry could be lucrative because I saw how my friend lived. He had all the toys I would want, went on great vacations, and typically took off about a month at a time. My friend told me that I would be successful in insurance sales if I was willing to put in the 15 years it took him to enjoy the fruits of his labor from the renewals he had accumulated. I did not want to wait that long! My friend does not work for BSH, but I put a lot of thought into my situation and my friend’s current situation. Sure, he was living the American dream, but it had taken him 15 years to get there! The reason it took my friend 15 years to be where I wanted to be in 5 years was because he had to rely on cold-calling and just referrals to make sales with virtually no real support. I decided the opportunity at BSH was one that I simply could not pass by. With BSH we are provided with preset appointments and a ton of support. This makes a huge difference in the volume of production an individual in this industry can make. It is true, one average associate with BSH easily writes more than 3 average insurance brokers in this business, combined! Buffett Senior Healthcare gave me the chance to produce based upon my own abilities and efforts and also offered a support system to help me find my own way. I spend all of my time in front of clients selling, not pounding the phone. I work hard now so as to enjoy a much more fulfilled life and income in a very short period of time with BSH relative to other opportunities out there.
How many years of sales experience did you have prior to working for BSH?Prior to working for Buffett Senior Healthcare I had no in-home sales experience.
What was the most difficult part of your learning curve with BSH?The first obstacle was that I am a perfectionist. The toughest part of being a perfectionist is the tendency to quit when you feel that you are not doing it absolutely perfectly. There is a saying that, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going", but with a perfectionist the saying is more, "when you don't think you can do something perfectly, quit... you will find something else that you can conquer". My wife tells me that with this challenge (BSH) there is something in my eyes that was a little different. The overall numbers and the success of so many of the guys on staff that were like me kept me going. I was more determined to make this work and now I am. The second challenge was the transition from retail sales to in-home sales. With retail sales, the client comes to you and is actively pursuing what you have to offer. It does not really matter as much what you say or how you say it, they simply want the product without much "real" selling needed on the end of the salesperson, except the price as the primary determining sales factor. This is not the case with our in-home sales process at all. With our type of in-home appointments you must literally know 100% of the material you have. You need to also learn through your continual training everything there is to know about your product, market, to effectively sell our products to our senior market. You can't rely on "you" to sell it. Rather, it is your level of EXPERT knowledge is gets you the credibility to sell yourself. The credibility you set by always giving a FULL presentation to each and every client you get in front of regardless of what you may perceive as the circumstance is extremely important to gaining their business with one or all of our products. What you say, how you say it, and using your 3rd party material to prove it is the key to sales success on the BSH preset appointments. How to "say it" was my greatest initial obstacle. However, by following my training exactly and constantly practicing on every single senior I got in front of during my learning period (first 8-12 weeks), I not only learned precisely what to say and how to say it, but I learned how to PROVE it by knowing where and when to show my 3rd party material. Understand that although they set an appointment with us, we are still strangers. They have never met us before and we are not from around there. Therefore, you can't rely on them just taking your word.
Give a few pieces of advice to people considering applying for a position with BSH.First, literally read 100% of all of the sales material provided to you during classroom training, focusing primarily on the presentation material, 3rd party literature, and the presentation itself. In my experience, not doing this is the #1 reason for new associate failure on staff. Second, give a FULL presentation in every single appointment possible regardless of the situation, particularly when you are in your initial 6-8 weeks in the field. You will need the practice and every FULL presentation you give will only make you better, whether you sell the client a product or not. Third, take as many notes as possible in every single training meeting you have and most importantly, apply what you are taught! Lastly, do NOT think you can come on staff and be successful doing it your way. Those are the first to fail with us! You have to suck up your ego, forget whatever you think you know, and accept that your way will not work with BSH or else we would be doing it that way.