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The Buffett Senior Healthcare ETPAD Daily Preset Appointment System



“Advancing above the norm consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else, then thinking of better ways to do it.” - The BSH Philosophy


My name is Alexis Riley. Two years ago I started as a entry-level Sales Associate in my Division. Six-months later I was out of the field epitomizing my reality, which is, "Why work in the field for years when I can hire good help?" I am at the rate of earning over one-million this year, easily. I am not trying to impress you. Rather, I am trying to impress upon you. THINK. VISION. REALITY.
Alexis Riley Buffett Senior Healthcare® - The BSH Culture Defined
I have exposure on the social media circuits for more of my thoughts and advice. I'll make it easy on you, just Google me "Alexis Riley Buffett Senior Healthcare". However, don't get your feelings hurt if I give you an answer you may not like. Would you rather I lie to you?! That being said, this is simplest way I can explain the culture of my company (thick skin now)...

 Our realm of thinking epitomizes a distaste of the mentality of whiney, little, complainers. I am referring to those that blame everyone but themselves for life's difficulties. Buffett Senior Healthcare® seeks to reverse that mentality in every enterprise we develop and each acquisition into which we continue to venture.

 Hold yourself accountable, always! Unlike the current government's ideology, which is... I am entitled, Entitled, ENTITLED, give me, give me... pay me for nothing because I have nothing. Our taxes will pay your bill. So go ahead, stick your snout in that public trough! Really??

 I believe you earn what you are worth. Don't be a little whiner! Stop doubting and make things happen. Be a goal setter, be an achiever, accomplish your mission, and feel the high of Victory! 
Do this and you will have respect for yourself and others will respect you (except for the whiners!).

Again, my name is Alexis Riley. Best of luck in whichever Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp. division you apply.



The BSH Daily Preset Appointments - Success

Why: We know that the bank only accepts dollars, not commission percent points. We understand success in our business is all about associates building a large VOLUME of business, which translates not only to them earning a high upfront commission income, but also great financial security. The financial security our associates enjoy are a growing renewal (residual) monthly income from every single sale they make starting the 1st month after a policy has been sold. Every sale they continue to make thereafter only further gives them the financial security of knowing they are stacking more and more renewal income on top of all their previous sales. Associates with BSH see month after month their renewal income increasing larger and larger, eventually to the point of exponential growth. Even an average BSH associate will write more business in one 4-day workweek on our Daily Preset Appointments than a top producing "insurance broker" will write in an entire month of cold-calling, prospecting, and chasing leads.


How: We are very well trained specialists in the products we sell. We know our senior market needs, risks, and exactly where and how to best protect them from those risks (many of which are unknown to our clients until we have the privilege of visiting with them). Furthermore, we only carry the very best of the best products to protect our seniors... products that we would sell to our self and to our loved ones. Seniors genuinely need our help and we want the appointment that we set with them to be fresh on their mind when we show up to see them. That is why BSH sets all of our appointment times with our seniors the day before we reach their doorstep. 


Simply Put: An individual BSH associate running our Daily Preset Appointments is provided with the ability to focus on what they do best... sell, sell, sell! Associates are then able to generate a very large volume block of business of the highest quality products to a growing market with a continually rising demand that is unaffected by the ups and downs of the economy. This is true financial security. Having been fully and properly trained prepares our associates to make sales on our appointments. Being provided with true high-quality, daily preset appointments coupled with continual training and support marketing the best of the best products is why our associates are so financially successful.


 Again shown below is the BSH method of making a true quality appointment:

A) Prospect responds via internet with interest in our type services and/or just receives information by mail regarding our type of services

B) Prospect is called by our company and sets an appointment for us to see them the next day with the prospect knowing our first and last name, what we are providing, what time we will be at their home the following day, and is qualified to purchase at least one of our products

C) Prospect is then called back within 30 minutes by a supervisor for verification. This call is to verify the accuracy of all the above and confirm their interest in our services, that the prospect still wants to keep their appointment with us, their age, name, health, time of appointment, prospect's address (including direction specifics), and re-confirms again that they understand who we are and what we will be providing them the next day when we arrive for our appointment with them

D) Prior to posting our appointment to our personal BSH account, the recordings of both calls are transferred over to BSH's Quality Assurance Department whose only job is to listen to all that was said during the setting and verification calls of our appointment to ensure it is of the highest practical quality possible (Note: Our appointments are pre-SET, not pre-SOLD!)

E) Every evening we log into our personal BSH account, provide our password, and see our entire day is already fully planned for us to go out and focus on what we do best... SELLING (not prospecting!)


ATTENTION: For this Division of Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp., it is imperative that you read this website in its entirety to avoid the phenomenon of "selective reading", thus leading to confusion regarding the requirements of the position. Doing this will make your interview process much more meaningful to you, as not doing this will likely disqualify you from being offered a position.

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