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Universal Associate Support

"The test we must set for ourselves is not to march alone, but to march in such a way that others will wish to join us."         - Hubert Humphrey (U.S. Vice President, Senator) 


"I have been in sales for 35 years. I feel like for every heachache I have ever had in prior sales positions that took my time away from selling, BSH always has support mechanisms in place to keep me selling. Now I can just focus on what I do best, making sales! That is what I love. All the rest... well, that is why they hire the best support staff I've ever seen." - Randall W. - Tupelo, MS (3rd month BSH associate)

BSH offers the perfect partnership of sales and support. We deliver our associates the highest practical quality of daily preset appointments starting with what we consider to be the very best (and most expensive) training programs in our industry. Yes, that will bring in sales. However, that is not enough. We want each of our associates selling a HIGH VOLUME of sales each week and, if desired, an opportunity to advance into higher management in as soon as only six weeks on staff. This is a result of the rapidly growing, economy-proof demand for our products from the senior citizen population. This requires our organization to continually be expanding and growing our sales force. To do this, BSH strives to keep our associates from wasting what would otherwise be valuable time they could be spending in the field giving more presentations and making more sales. For new associates, this allows them to learn our products and the sales process much quicker enabling them to produce far more new business in a week than an above-average "insurance agent/broker" could do in an entire month. With the full support that BSH provides its associates they master how to generate large volumes of sales in a fraction of the time it takes with other organizations. BSH does all it can to remove the typical headaches which other salespeople complain about that keep them from being able to stay in the field selling more. To accomplish this requires giving your salespeople the maximum level of universal support possible. We have achieved this!

The following are just a few of the key support mechanisms that BSH has in place for all of our associates:

1) BSH provides a full in-house new business support team whose job is to triple-check each application for errors that would otherwise have kept the business from being processed and paid commission to our associates. Obviously, without this support, an associate's income on these sales would be delayed or lost altogether due to the downtime resulting in the client cancelling their plan(s).

2) BSH provides an entire sales conservation support department whose job is to call each and every sale made to ensure the client is 100% satisfied and will not cancel our associates' business. The people in this division are paid bonuses to conserve (or save) associate business. This helps to keep associate business on the books saving them from what would have otherwise cost them hundreds of dollars in lost upfront commissions and potentially thousands of dollars in lost renewal monthly residual income.

3) BSH provides a full in-house customer support team hired to service all of our associates' previously sold customer calls that would otherwise take up the selling associate's time that he/she could have used to make yet another sale. Not surprising, the majority of these customer calls are simple questions that can be easily answered by our in-house customer service support team. Without this support team, many of these sales would be lost, as our associates are booked all day every day seeing new clients protecting them from risk by selling them our products. We want our associates to know that they do not have to be burdened with simple questions keeping them from making more sales that our internal customer support team can answer for them. In the event a question cannot be answered, this team will contact the associate, explain the situation, and at that time the associate can follow-up with their client.

4) BSH provides associates with an internal preset appointment auditing support team. This team is employed to call back each associate's appointments that were not sold the following business day after the appointment was set. Their job is to gather information as to why the sale was not made from the customer's perspective in relation to the associate's report on the result of their appointment. Additionally, they again listen to both of the recordings of the appointment being set and then provide all this information to the associate and to his/her manager. This support tool was implemented to better help associates understand why they missed a sale (particularly important for newer associates), so that in the future when such a circumstance arises keeping them from making the sale this time... next time it will be a sale! Pleasingly, many of these non-sold appointments are able to be reset again for the associate to run the following day. These are among the easiest sales an associate will make, all thanks to this BSH support division! It is important to note that this support mechanism, like all the others, come at an extremely high cost to Buffett Senior Healthcare. However, it results in more sales made by our associates each week, thus benefiting those clients with our much-needed protection they would otherwise not have and further benefiting the field associate with income that they would otherwise not have made!

5) BSH provides an in-house licensing support team whose job is to make sure each associate's license is up to date and they are licensed with all the necessary carriers to give them a full portfolio of products to protect their clients. Furthermore, BSH also pays the cost of these carrier licenses (called "carrier appointments") for our associates, as well as all non-resident licensing fees that the selling associate would otherwise spend the hours of downtime filling out the paperwork, filing, submitting, and paying the costs.

6) BSH provides every first-year associate the field support of a direct manager and field trainer, a daily field phone coach, a policy persistency/retention manager, and a Team Leader. Furthermore, once a new associate has overcome their initial learning curve, they are assigned a Career Coach as a mentor to assist them in reaching their highest potential for their career goals with BSH!





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